Control Your Career

Achieve Massive Success

Take Confident Decisions

Set Goals


Shirish, a Certified MBTI and STRONG Practitioner, is an eminent Career Coach & Education Counselor with over 10 years of experience in this field. A UCLA & UPenn certified admission counselor, Shirish has groomed numerous students to realize their potential and got them admitted to the top colleges in the world. Shirish is internationally renowned and an active member of many international career and college advising organizations such as IECA, NCDA, NAFSA and others.

Shirish is a keynote speaker at various Global Education Conferences and has been conducting workshops and seminars for students, principals, and counselors across numerous schools & colleges. Shirish has featured on numerous television programs, newspapers, magazines including Zee News, The Huffington Post, Indian Express, TOI Education, Financial Times, Business Week, India Today – Education and others.


Struggling with:

  • Career Indecision
  • Lack of Self Awareness
  • Unaware or Unfulfilled Potential
  • Persistent Worry about your Career
  • Lack of Readiness
  • Lack of Career Clarity
  • Unaware How to Choose a College Major
  • Unaware of Right Fit Career Options
  • Lack of Written Goals
  • No Roadmap of Career Success
  • Lack of Career Action Plan
  • Lack of Goals Prioritization
  • Lack of proper planning
  • Lack of reliable professional Guidance
  • Lack of Reliable Information

Facing any of the following challenges:

  • You have big aspiration but don’t know how to achieve it
  • You are enthusiastic but not getting a growth environment
  • Too much to do, Too little time
  • Overwhelming Things To Do every single day
  • Attending school, other development classes everytime and its draining you
  • Can’t able to prioritize important things in your life
  • Want to participate in co-scholastic activities, but not able to it
  • Have no control on your Career Growth
  • Not knowing or not doing what you really love or want
  • Feeling confused as Interacting with people having different opinion
  • Not confident in making important decision in Career & Life
  • A constant worry about Future and no peace of mind
  • A constant pressure to perform each and every time
  • Not feeling Happy and content
  • Participated in Career Development activities but still not confident to make a decision
The Solution

The Solution

Attend the workshop to learn the Strategies and Secrets to make the Best Career Decision for Yourself

  • Be in control of your Career by investing only “4 hours a week”
  • Set yourself on the path of Massive Success (Domino effect)
  • Think Big & Specific
  • Take confident decisions about your Career and Life
  • Find your purpose and precise vision for life
  • Your Infinite Potential and how to utilize it to achieve massive success
  • Amazing tools to explore your Career Interests, Personality & Strengths
  • 1 concise and precise tool for Self Awareness (Unique you worksheet)
  • How to reach Career Clarity with Top Career Choice to pursue
  • Career & College Readiness
  • How to balance your academics and co-scholastic activities
  • How to Set Goals
  • Process of Creating an Action Plan to achieve your Goals
  • How to get rid of constant worry and pressure (Prioritization)
  • Being Happy and content
  • Becoming a Future Global Leader
  • Eventually Be the Author of Your Career. Live the life you have dreamt of and always wanted to live.


  • Akshat Sharma
    "It was a great seminar. I really liked your enthusiasm and energy. I am so motivated to begin my intensive sessions on my career.”
  • Suresh Bhatnagar
    “My daughter found the content very useful. She will be joining the intensive course with Mr. Shirish to get a deeper understanding of her career options and opportunities available for her in future.”
  • Ishita Thakur
    “The energy of the speaker was amazing. I have learnt a great deal of things about myself today and look forward to take one on one sessions with Shirish sir.”