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Have you experienced the difference between Conventional techniques and Mnemonic techniques? No, not yet? Then look no further, come and join the most innovative and most advanced test preparation in the industry. We teach you through Mnemonics. To understand the mnemonic way of teaching, let us ask you a simple question

'What are the 7 colors of a rainbow?'
Answer: VIBGYOR (a Mnemonic to remember 7 colors of a rainbow!!) Mnemonic aims to translate information into a form, that an individual can learn faster and retain for a longer duration. This is precisely how we teach at Mnemonic. Our Exam Training Services utilize Innovative Mnemonic Techniques to maximize your score in minimum time that caters to

Our Motto :"Your Score is Our Score"

How we teach?

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."
1. Concept Training

This is the foundation, and it must be the strongest, and this is Mnemonic's expertise. We divide it in a 75:25 ratio. 75% of class time is devoted to teaching you concepts using Mnemonic techniques & rest 25% is for the application of those concepts via Concept question drills.

2. Performance Analysis

As you go deeper into the course, you will take Section based testing. This is Mnemonic's main focus i.e. your performance analysis. Our regular testing is aimed to improve your weaker areas while riding high on the strong areas. We keep a track your progress with our in-depth analysis.

3. Conquering the Actual Test

Prepare yourself for actual exam with our FLTs (Full-Length Test series). Aimed at giving you the exact testing environment to help you: Improve Accuracy & Speed; Develop Time Management & Question Selection Skills; Cope up with Exam Pressure & Nervousness; Avoid Common Mistakes.

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