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An Honest Question – Why Study Abroad?

Very recently a student walked in to our office and asked a question:

“Why Study Abroad?”

This question is asked many times and being replied same number of times but still there are many uncertainties.

So, let us share our answers with you:

One of our students passed 12th standard with 92%. He applied to top Delhi University colleges for Eco (Hons) course. Unfortunately he was not able to get an admission into his preferred course and he had to settle for B.Com (Hons) in Hindu College.

Naturally he was not satisfied.

He then visited Mnemonic and discussed his wish to study Economics. Our expert counselors guided him through the entire process of foreign education and he got an admit from University of Chicago (#1 university in the World for Economics).

So Reason #1

Even 90% and above doesn’t guarantee you an admission into India’s top universities (No Indian university is even within world's top 200*), but it will give you an admission into World’s Top University.

There are many more answers to this question and we will unveil them in our following posts. So, Watch out for this space.

* Source: http://www.usnews.com/education/worlds-best-universities-rankings/top-400-universities-in-the-world


"I am really grateful to Shirish sir for helping me realize my dream of master's in the US from a good university. Owing to his dedication and the personal attention bestowed on all of my applications, I have got an admit from Columbia University. Also the content writers and counselors have all been extremely helpful, accommodating and great guides on this journey."


"It was a great experience for me. Mnemonic and its teachers provided me with all the facilities that a student needs. It was really fun studying in Mnemonic. I would certainly recommend everyone to join Mnemonic for their study abroad needs."

($ 25,000 Scholarship)

"The most appreciable thing was that I got to write all the essays myself & so it was my own thought process which was refined by Mnemonic's fine quality writers. I have heard that some consultants write the whole essay where the individual contribution or ownership of the process becomes very limited. I think the team is very polished, mature, experienced and very helpful at all times. I had a good experience all through."


"All the hard work and effort that the Mnemonic team had put in finally met appreciation and justice. Everyone in Mnemonic is very professional. The features of Applix are very helpful. I did not have to worry about anything regarding my admissions since the day I contacted Mnemonic. Thanks for a wonderful experience."

"I thank Mr. Shirish and the whole team of Mnemonic Education for their guidance and support. Your team has been very professionally dedicated during the entire process. I have got the admission at the most prestigious, HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL. My dream of a lifetime has come true. It has made everyone proud of my achievement. To add cherry on top, I have been awarded scholarship worth $11250. I am now in the elite Business class!"


"As the second youngest Chess Grand Master, my time is mostly spent in travelling for tournaments. In such a scenario, completing my application and getting an admission into Stanford University looked like a distant dream. The team at Mnemonic Education was dedicated enough to constantly keep in touch with me and help me in enhancing the creativity of my essays and submitting my applications on time. I look forward to my journey ahead at Stanford and would like to thank Mnemonic Education's entire team for making the process easier and smoother for me."